1. ሁላቹም ደግኖች ናቹ አገዛዙ የተበላሸ ስራት ነው ይልቀቅ በቃ የመጨረሻወብ ልጅ ደሞ ደስ ሲል ጀግናዬ በርታ

  2. To:- ethiopia lezelalem tinur:
    My point was amhara is amhara. All amhara, whether member of eprdf or not, should be together, should support each other.
    Amhara should give protection to other amhara.
    There should no be situations and circumstances that create gaps within amhara people.
    Both sides, especially members of eprdf/beaden, must understand this and must be part of the struggle and solution.

  3. ወድ የኢትዮጵያ ልጅ ደፋር ናቹህ ወድ ናቹህ 3ት.ሶሪ ነው የታጠቃቹህ ኮራውባቹህ ሰላማቹህ ይብዛ በርቱ እውነት እውነት ናት ለግዚው መስሏቸው ነው እወዳቹህ አለሁ እማን እግዚአብሔር ይጠብቃት

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