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  1. Jawar should keep his advice and preaching to Oromos. He is not qualified to give advice to Amharas.

    He has double standard on land grab when it comes to Welkait vs the master plan of Addis Ababa. He supports the outcome of the master plan that was stopped right away when people protested and died for it yet he wants Amharas to sit and wait for court order while they are brutalized and their land is taken by TPLF Tigres.
    Although Jawar wants to appear as an new reformed person he has a long way to demonstrate his ability to his preaching.
    Amharas should trust only Amharas until Amharas are treated as good people who always love their people and country. Because their love for their country has been interpreted totally wrong by TPLF and all the separatist groups to further their greedy agenda.