He’s describing it as a new dawn for Malaysia.
Anwar Ibrahim has walked free from prison thanks to a royal pardon and the help of the man who sacked and jailed him 20 years ago.

Mahathir Mohamad was re-elected last week as the world’s oldest prime minister.

And the 92-year-old is choosing Anwar – his former deputy before they became political enemies – as his replacement in the next couple of years.

The royal pardon allows him to return to politics after serving three of a five-year prison sentence for sodomy and corruption, charges he says were a political smear.

So why are they cooperating now? And what does it all mean for Malaysia?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra

Chin-Huat Wong – Political scientist, Penang Institute
Clare Rewcastle Brown – Founder, Sarawak Report
Sophie Lemiere – Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University

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  1. The full pardon means that Mahathir first jailing of Anwar in 1998 was illegal. So when will Mahathir be punished. Mahathir remains in power, his sons billionaires from robbing Malaysia public coffers and now the whole world admires this old anti semitic despot. And this is called a win for democracy? I would have preferred Pakatan voted in Mahathir with either the old geezer dead or out of the coalition!

  2. Mahathir and his cronies in the Council of Elders will control Malaysian by using their patronage network. Anwars has been gamed once again. We kicked out kleptocracy and ushered in a second age of Mahathir dictatorship.