19 Ethiopians who legally tried to form a party in Bahir Dar are all detained



Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

19 Ethiopians who were in the process of forming a legal party in the Amhara region of Bahir Dar are detained and enduring biting and torture, it is reported.

It is indicated, the individuals strictly followed the rules and regulations laid out by Ethiopian Election Board while trying to from the party in Amhara region, including Addis Ababa city. The people participating in the formation seminar at Bahir Dar as founding members were there to exercise their constitutional rights. All the attending members were taken to jail after the seminar and while they were having dinner.

The following is the list of the people who were unlawfully arrested:

  1. Gashaw Mersha
  2. Yousuf Ibrahim (Used to be Wollo University teacher, presently a lawyer)
  3. Temesgen Tesema (Wollo University teacher)
  4. Belete Molla (Addis Ababa University teacher)
  5. Sisay Alitaseb
  6. Belete Kassa (used to be editor of ‘Yeqelem Qend’)
  7. Daniel Abebaw (Amhara TV journalist)
  8. Nigatu Asres (Amhara TV journalist) including another 11 individuals.