50 Migrants Were Made to Drown Intentionally in Yemen


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Aljazeera reported 50 migrants were intentionally forced of the boat and drowned with malic at the boarder of Yemen.

People trafficker intentionally isolated Ethiopian and Somali nationals and pushed them off the boat and into the ocean near the border of Yemen. United Nation Refugee Office condemned the act by calling it “cruel and inhuman”.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) also reported, hurriedly dug mass grave of 29 people was found near the border town called Shabwah, Yemen. The whereabouts of 22 other individuals is also unknown. According to IOM the average age of the migrants is 16.

Even though Yemen is in turmoil due to internal civil war at present, it is a favoured destination and passage to oil rich countries due to its proximity to Africa. The hope of the migrants is to reach one of the oil rich countries and better their lives.

A representative of IOM reported, survivors told him, the people smuggler pushed the migrants into the ocean when he saw “boss like” people at a distance. This same people trafficker has sailed back to Somalia to continue his people trafficking job, it was reported.