A courageous act of defiance in the face of torture, long term prison even death


Abbay Media
Shiberu Tamerat

A man is in custody in Addis Abeba Ethiopia for scaling a night time stadium light post and hanging the starless Ethiopian flag. The man not only did he hang the flag, he also adorned himself with the starless tricolor, green, yellow and red Ethiopian flag and resisted coming down from the night stadium light post.

After pleading with the individual for several hours, the police and firefighters were able to a cox the individual to come down from the light post with the flag draped over his body with the help of firefighters truck. The police force and the firefighters that arrived at the scene were seen attempting to remove the flag that was still hanging from the light post.

The person who courageously hanged the starless flag of Ethiopia was seen taken by the police car.

This act of brazen defiance is not only difficult to pull off but also unthinkable to fathom in this heavily fortified capital city of Ethiopia. It would be a topic of conversation from some time to come, where the people of the city were awed by such act of bravery.

In a similar news, Ethiopians residing in Washington DC were seen protesting in front of the Embassy of Ethiopia, shouting slogans for the release of jailed journalists and political prisoners. The protestors were seen waving the starless flag of Ethiopia, photos of jailed political prisoners Professor Merera Gudina, Mr. Bekele Gerba, and journalist Eskinder Nega and chanting slogans “You can’t live in peace while killing our country Ethiopia”.