Abay Tsehaye’s Wife Became One of the Casualties of Corruption in Ethiopia


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

The recent corruption allegation by the Minority Led Ethiopian regime included, Mrs. Salem Kebede, the wife of Mr. Abay Tsehaye. Mrs. Salem was arrested while she was attending her son’s wedding family reunion ceremony. Four other individuals are also arrested for the same crime.

Mr. Abay Tsehaye is the main culprit whose name is closely associated with the embezzlement of Birr 77 Billion while he was the director of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation. The other corrupt individual, a friend and whose name is associated with Mr. Abbay Tsehaye, Mr. Yemane Girmay is also under arrest. It is known Yemane Girmay was the owner of Batu Construction.

Mrs. Salem Kebede was among the first 34 people that were arrested. Her arrest and imprisonment is associated with five Omo Kuraz Sugur projects. As reported, the arrest and imprisonment of the individuals in relation to corruption was revealed last Tuesday 25 July 2017.

Mrs. Salem, who started relation recently with Mr. Abay Tsehaye, was celebrating her son’s (a son from previous marriage) wedding on Saturday 22 July 2017 at Hilton Hotel. It is reported Mr. Abbay Tsehaye was also attended the wedding.

Even though the family reunion ceremony was celebrated at Kazanchis, Inter-Continental Hotel on Monday 25 July 2017, Mrs. Salem was arrested prior to the ceremony. Sources in the security have stated Mr. Abay Tsehaye attended the ceremony after the arrest of his wife. It is not known if the action of arrest will extend to Mr. Tsehaye. It is indicated, arresting people around him might have sent a clear message to him.

Observers and analysts surmise, the action of arrest didn’t extend to Mr. Abay Tsehaye because he is a member of parliament and his right not to be arrested and imprisoned is not revoked. For that to happen an urgent meeting of the parliament has to be called to revoke his entitlement.

Internal sources indicate, the action taken is to frighten, not to imprison him. Mr. Abay Tsehaye’s name is closely associated with the embezzlement of 77 Billion Birr related to sugar projects and is considered the peak of corruption in Ethiopia.