1. Thank you ESFNA keeping such kind of amazing event for 34 years with great success.God bless you
    Thank you all lovely Ethiopian’s and promiss for yourself to stand with your people to make freedom and to stolen joys of our nation.
    Thank you all!!!!!
    You all are so wonderful

  2. ፉሲል ደሞዝ ተከልክሏል እያሉ ወያኔዎች አማራውን በ ESFNA ላይ ለማስነሳትትና ESFNAን ለሁለት ለመከፈል ሊጠቀሙበት ፕሮፖጋንዳ እየሰሩ ነው : fasil demoz was not in the list from the beginning

  3. Josi Flavor why don’t you tell us what happened. ESFNA is now to busy to answer individual complains now. Right now they are focusing on the program schedule. Every year they do media interview about every thing. Now just enjoy what you see.

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