1. All Ethiopians should know who is benefiting and spreading the ethnic based hatred trying to turn Ethiopia into Syria it is the Addis Ababa sefari people who are weak that mostly work for foreigners against Ethiopian interests.
    Addis Ababa sefari foreign militants are working to turn Ethiopian into Syria.
    The man that walked into the military camp in Ataye , NORTH SHEWA on 10/2019 is most likely one of those diaspora foreign governments hired baladera Addis Ababa people targeting around North Shewa hat had been tirelessly working to create friction between Qimant , Tigeay , Afar , Amara and Oromo peoples for the past year year or more including very recently in Gondar and North Shewa . Ethiopians especially diasporas are aware of the foreign government financed Addis Ababa sefari people’s traitors intentions.. You Addis Ababa sefari people are tested known you got no heroes among you. The only thing you Addis Ababa people do is like you have done always for the past 20+ years being an obstacle to the business development of Ethiopia. You tried with kinijit to start friction among people and nationalities of Ethiopia, that’s when the hero Samora Yunus put you down like the barking dogs get put down, now the whole country is aware that you sefaris are trying to turn Ethiopia into Syria , so surrender to us orelse you will each be dealt with again right there at your Addis Ababa sefari protests once again. Samora Yunus will get a monument of his own in Addis Ababa for the punishment of these traitor Banda sefaris in Addis Ababa.


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