Andargachew Tsege on BBC HARDtalk Full Interview


  1. what a shame I saw here. thank you zena. I don't support prsionment of any opposition leader or even any person. but in this case ethiopian government has a clear context and point to put him in prison than to release him. one example, is, as zena asks, and this guy hate to face it,that they want power by any means necessary. and they call them self civilised political party. they have no clue about the fallacy of their existence. let alon thier alternative ideas. Let's face it we saw hard ashmed face of this guy when this wonderful journalist asks him about the 'luxury' of having UK passport. I admire him and this kind people only for thier courage to be famous in shallow existence. England is a country of Jones lock, tomas hobbes. u can't trick them just as u do to ur country men. they didn't do nothing because u choose them for ur comfort.