1. እኔ እኮ እሚገርመኝ የሰለጠነ ህዝብ ውስጥም ዘረኝነት መኖሩ በጣም ይገርመኛል በተለይ በተቋም የተደራጀ ሲሆን ደግሞ ግራ ይገባኛል በእውነት ዘረኝነት ከሆነ የማይላቁት ነቀርሳ ነው

  2. Good Job Alemneh, eventhough two of the stories are very sad and tragic.

    About the murder of Yousef,Any Police (professionally trained in college) Must know that he/she supposed to give warning before doing anything.Its called ULTIMATUM: giving him warning if he refuse to cooperate.

    So, in the case of Yousef they didn't give him ultimatum and just Teazered and left him in on street handcuffed.
    And He died later.

    Now, It's a criminal, if it's possible to prove that his death, directly or indirectly, caused by the Police teazering and leaving him handicuffed on the street.
    If not,it would be police discipline issue, which is unfortunate to the family who lost their son. Sad!

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