1. I love to see when we act as an Oromo and take the stages, the stages must reflect pure Oromo culture. as human we must honor our own self than pretending to be someone else. we have got everything if its not more, the best culture in the world. we are not Arab or Jewish we are proud Oromo. love u all. Garuu Lulee

  2. Shek Husen gabricha Rabbii tti
    Akkasumas muslima qulqulluudha. Ni jaalana Obbolleessa keena kan muslimaati. Rabbiin itti haa araaramu

    Warri isa faarssitan, kan ittiin dhaadattan, Rabbiin sodaa dhaa. Faaruun kan Rabbii qofa
    Akkasumas kan si ajeessu fi kan si jiraachissus Rabbumma.

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