1. The video says that Brazilian Carnaval is a mix of Portuguese and Africans… as a Brazilian and a black woman I must say that Portugal only contributed with the Christian calendar ALL THE REST: the rhythm, the dance, came from Africa… and later on the parades with the African decedents!!! And let's not forget that in the beginning of Carnaval in Brazil black people were persecuted and arrested… Now it's a big party, but in the past it used to be a very marginalized party!!!

    Same goes for feijoada, now it's our national food, but it used to be slave food, made from the rest of meat that the slave owners didn't want to eat!!!

  2. Have we forgotten the Rhineland where the “carre navalis” > carnaval was started by the Romans to celebrate the spring thaw. Carts shaped like boats were paraded through the streets and Bacchus ruled.

  3. While understandable that you can't cover EVERY country that celebrates carnival, it is unfortunate that you omitted a focus on Carnaval in Bolivia, arguably the most unique and amazing celebrations of this event. The incredible combination of folkloric pageantry and historical context is truly extraordinary. UNESCO heritage of humanity proclaimed. Check it out…

  4. Yes, but the video doesn't explain why Carnival is not celebrated in Britain. Christianity had spread there too, and the infographic led to believe GB was part of the "carnem levare" festival originated in early Christianity

  5. Also interesting to remember that since the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere, carnival in Brazil also developed to merge with something like a harvest celebration, so it change quite a lot…

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