Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Haile Selassie. An African leader to be treated equal.

Haile Selassie. An African leader to be treated equal. 
17:02 African-victory-against-colonisation-Battle-of-Adwa-1896-Ethiopia

African victory against colonisation : Battle of Adwa 1896 (Ethiopia)

In March 1896 a well-disciplined and massive Ethiopian army did the unthinkable—it routed an invading Italian force and brought Italy's war of conquest in...
58:34 Faces-Of-Africa-Haile-Selassie-The-pillar-of-Ethiopia-part-1-2

Faces Of Africa – Haile Selassie: The pillar of Ethiopia, part 1 & 2

Though he died almost four decades ago, Haile Selassie's legacy remains strong and valid. "Faces of Africa" sought to unearth the events and memories of...
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