Sunday, June 17, 2018
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🇯🇴 Is the Gulf bailout enough for crisis-hit Jordan? | Inside Story

Jordan has always been seen as an oasis of peace and stability in a volatile region. But it is a country of limited resources...
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🇨🇳 How much power does the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation wield? – Inside Story

China hosts the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, as G7 leaders meet in Canada. Russia is also a major player in the Eurasian group of eight...
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🇨🇦G7: Donald Trump versus rest of the world?- Inside story

The leaders of seven of the world's biggest economies are in Canada for what could be the most acrimonious G7 summit in years. Donald Trump’s...
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🇾🇪 Is Yemen set to lose a humanitarian lifeline? | Inside Story

For more than three years - the people of Yemen have endured war, hunger and disease. The UN estimates more than 10-thousand people have...
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🇺🇸 Why is the US separating migrant children from their parents? | Inside Story

The UN has urged the Trump administration to immediately stop separating migrant children from their families at its border with Mexico. It said on...