Tuesday, November 21, 2017
01:10:10 PODCAST-Pakistans-Identity-Crisis5-Ways-Technology-Has-Changed-Intelligencevideo

PODCAST: Pakistan’s Identity Crisis/5 Ways Technology Has Changed Intelligence

South Asia analyst Faisel Pervaiz explains the battle between secularism and religious law that has shaped Pakistan's past and now impacts its present. Also,...
02:41 Chinas-Belt-and-Road-Initiativevideo

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Stratfor Senior Asia-Pacific Analyst Zhixing Zhang discusses China's ambitious, 65-nation project.
04:07 Fighting-a-Strong-Dollarvideo

Fighting a Strong Dollar

Stratfor Economy Analyst Mark Fleming-Williams discusses the challenge of using multilateral currency interventions to combat the effects of a strong U.S. dollar. For more analysis,...
02:37 Building-a-Wall-Between-the-U.S.-and-Mexicovideo

Building a Wall Between the U.S. and Mexico

Stratfor Latin America Analyst Reggie Thompson discusses the steps that would have to be taken before the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico...
10:52 Conversation-Trumps-Foreign-Policy-Prioritiesvideo

Conversation: Trump’s Foreign Policy Priorities

Stratfor Vice President of Global Analysis Reva Goujon and East Asia Analyst John Minnich discuss the critical foreign policy issues facing President-elect Donald Trump. For...
02:37 video

Looting Threatens Venezuela’s Social Order

Stratfor Latin America Analyst Reggie Thompson discusses the recent outbreak of looting at food warehouses in Venezuela and the government's limited ability to address...
06:34 Conversation-Instability-Grows-in-Central-Asiavideo

Conversation: Instability Grows in Central Asia

Stratfor Deputy Editor Lynn Wise and Senior Eurasia Analyst Eugene Chausovsky discuss the rising threat of destabilization in Central Asia and why it matters...
03:18 The-Soviet-Unions-Collapse-25-Years-Latervideo

The Soviet Union’s Collapse, 25 Years Later

Stratfor Senior Eurasia Analyst Lauren Goodrich discusses how Russia is once again forcing the United States to contain it. For more analysis, visit: http://www.Stratfor.com
07:12 video

Conversation: The State of U.S.-Russia Relations

Stratfor Senior Eurasia Analysts Lauren Goodrich and Eugene Chausovsky discuss the diplomatic conflict between Russia and the United States. For more analysis, visit: http://www.Stratfor.com
01:20 0344095a4d68089c207ad6ff308009c5video

The Week Ahead • September 18 – 24

In this one minute video, Stratfor presents important facts to watch this coming week.For more analysis, visit: https://www.worldview.stratfor.com