1. People are tribal their is even a name for it in groups dynamics I think…we tend to favour each other be it our family, tribesmen, countrymen…but the problem is when we fail to work with others when we fail to try understand other people…the greatest people are those that burrow the best attributes from others and are will to improve themselves daily…there was always going to be a victor and loser in this election…

  2. Ameeeen, Mungu Baba Mwenyeenzi. Opposition tomorrow will recant anything n everything. "No, we did not say we will not go contest in Court. No we didn't say the public will be the Jury…." On n on n on…." With no shame or care in the world. And now Raila is letting his subjects say inflammatory things unlike b4 this. Why? Cz he knows he will no longer b allowed to hide his muzee snr. age if he burns the country. However, his subjects have declared they'll die for him. That's why they are taking this dangerous path to b now his mouth. But, it does not matter. Enough is on record to also know who Omweri Snake is – Thee Chief engineer of all these. Kenya has been captive to this "Kimondo" for long. Hata sisi sasa tumekataa. "Mawe kwa mawe" iko nini? As DP Ruto would say. // But Wakenyaaa, msilale hata kamwe. Hiki Kimutu kimechafua Kenya na sumu vikubwa sana than even how you think. Kenya mlisema mko chonjo naye this time… ..??? Tafadhali nisikizeni hata kama ni kidogo. Raira anetega sumu nyiiiiiingi sana, sana, SANA!!! Pls. if nothing else for now,,, at the very least jua na uamini hili, after very quickly analyzing … But, time hakuna. Thing haraka na ukae chonjo si mchezo.

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