Clash in Moyale Claimed Lives and Left Many Wounded



Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Reports from Moyale indicated about 20 was wounded and three dead during a clash on Sunday 06 May 2018.

Reports also show, the clash that happened has forced several to be displaced and migrate to Kenya. Witnesses indicated, the incident happened between ethnic Oromos and Geri Somalis. The firing of live bullets at the crowd  that started at midday Sunday lasted till evening, it is reported.

It is to be reminded, months earlier, government soldiers fired directly on the crowd in Moyale and left many wounded. The government has admitted its soldiers has mistakenly fired and wounded several innocent individuals. The government also promised to take measures on the perpetrators but no evidence was made public if it has taken action at all. The promised measures didn’t include taking action on the person/s who ordered the shootings.

Abbay media passes its condolences to the families who lost their lives last Sunday and wishes strength for those wounded.