Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman Urges Secretary Tillerson to call on the Ethiopian Government to Cease all Digital Attacks


Abbay Media News
Yoftahe Hailu

In a letter addressed to the U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, dated Wednesday January 9th, Colorado’s U.S. Representative Mike Coffman Called on Tillerson to demand the Ethiopian Government cease all digital attacks on those outside its borders.

Coffman shed light in his letter on just how big and widespread the Ethiopian Government’s gross Human Rights violations have reached when advising Tillerson that one of his own constituents informed him that they themselves were a target of this malicious malware.

Coffman shared how eerily simple it is for the Ethiopian Government to infect one’s computer, Phone, or other electronic device with this malware via a simple targeted email link that appears to be nothing more than an email requesting to update current software which then infects the target’s computer with intentions of spying on the oppositions communications and activities.

It is reassuring to learn that voices are finally being heard and even more uplifting that Coffman stepped forward as a voice for those going unheard and unseen in order to hold accountable and place the Ethiopian Government’s malign intentioned nature in front of the eyes of those that have the power to stop such injustice and human disregard.

It’s very promising and hopeful that Tillerson will lend his position to what he is being called to do in order to hold the Ethiopian government accountable.