Defeated in Gondar – the ethnocentric policy of the Ethiopian Government


Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

The referendum supposedly meant to answer the “Qemant identity” question and was held in Northern Gondar on Meskerem 7, 2010 (September 17, 2017) ended in defeat of the regime’s sinister ethnocentric racist divide and rule policy.

The reports we received from ‘kebeles’ (wards) that held the referendum indicate people overwhelmingly voted for staying with the Amhara region in defiance of a separate “Qemant administrative region” that is planned to serve as a buffer zone between the future state of “Abay” or “Greater” Tigray and the Amhara region – the region may in future fight to gain back territories annexed by the former.

Whereas the results of the referendum were known by 10 pm on Sunday as confirmed by the official observers present on sites, the Election Board decided to delay the announcement till Monday and that decision didn’t sit well with the people. One needs to remember only the last election to imagine what possibly can go wrong when it comes to Ethiopian authorities counting ballots when the odds are stacked against them.

This referendum, set to divide Historical Gondar into Qemant and Amhara by the federal government, was initially to be carried out in 12 selected kebeles or wards but an expected outcry and push back from the people forced shutdown 4 wards.

The so called “Qemant Identity Question” activist group has its main office located, of all the places it could have been, in Mekelle – the capital city of Tigray Regional State.  That in itself casts doubt whether the group is genuinely seeking to answer the identity question that doesn’t exist to the degree of holding a referendum. The ploy, the people say, is an excuse for Tigray Regional State to annex the northern territories of Gondar just like they did with The Gondar territories of Welkait and Tsegede.

A few of the Results of the referendum votes yesterday that just reached Abbay Media are as follows with voting ward listed first followed by votes for Amara (A) and votes for Qemant (Q):
-a ward in Quwara: A=1128, Q=110
– Shinfa ward in Metema: A=2444, Q=794
– a ward in Tumet: A=2497, Q=444.

It’s reported that some of the Qemant voted for Amhara in protest of the government’s attempt to separate the inseparable Qemant-Amhara unity that existed since time immemorial.
We I’ll update voting results as we get them.