Eight minority led Ethiopian regime soldiers killed by freedom fighters


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu


Human right campaigner, Mr. Halid Nassir of Benishangul has confirmed there was fighting at the region. It is known, eight of the regime’s soldiers were killed. 12 innocent individuals accused of involvement with the fighters are sent to prison by the minority led Ethiopian regime.


According to the human campaigner, several people were loaded on regime’s military trucks and were taken to City of Assosa. Mr. Nassir has also revealed 1000 people have been detained in relation with this skirmish.


The liberation front fighters have indicated that over 50 government soldiers were killed in recent fighting. It is also known innocent lives have been sacrificed during the fighting, but it is difficult to ascertain the numbers.


The people of Ethiopia are fighting the regime from every direction of the country. Both the regime and the freedom fighters have claimed they have the upper hand in the fighting that has been going on in Northern Ethiopia.