Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jeffrey Gettleman talks about his book, Love, Africa, experience in Africa, and Ethiopia in particular as well U.S. foreign policy toward Ethiopia.
He says repression is jeopardizing the future of Ethiopia. “There is a lot of repressions….I worry that there is going to be more problems unless there is an opening and people feel empowered. and they don’t feel discriminated against.”

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  1. Well, the filthy Weyane has a different definition of the word 'democracy'. they are not interested in a system of government in which the citizens exercise power. As long as the US support and finance them – they can rape, kill and even commit ethnic cleansing with impunity. Ransacking Ethiopian wealth – even the donation they get from the civilised world. Most of the money is siphoned to off shore accounts in the names of their family and friends – mostly their children. There is an overwhelming evidence of this. These filthy thugs who call themselves government officials have very limited life span. There will be time they will be held accountable for the crimes they are committing.