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  1. We have to wait and see if Meaza would deliver what she promises. Need to understand the context. Meaza came into her own within the environment created by Tplf. She is one who has greatly benefited from the system in more than one way. She must have NOT been doing anything that upset the powers that be. Put another way, she must have played along. Another point is that she is a member of the ruling party and married to one.

    There are two major issues plaguing our country. First is violence, attempted assassinations, and torture. Second is corruption. It is a fact that in both instances Tplf is directly involved and/or implicated. This will be the test of Chief Justice Meaza’s Court.

    I do realize Meaza is portrayed as a champion of wome’s rights. She gained prominence as a result of a case she argued and won of a young lady that was kidnapped and raped. Somehow the news got to America and the attention of a film producer. That is fine; but one would ask where Meaza was when children and young women were being sold by the thousands? Not surprisingly, her own party members were fully involved in the racket!

    Dr. Abiy is rightly addressing matters that have created a toxic and unjust environment in the country. I am hoping a mechanism is in place to guage the performance of those appointed to such a high office. No one should feel entitled. Delivering for the people should be the only reason for appointments!