1. * It is really an incredible story!!! It looks like one of the books I read on the reign of Derg. However, the fact that Wessenyelesh Debela narrates from her perspective makes it so fascinating. She is an amazing woman.Wessenyelesh is not only a strong woman who passed through those challenging moments (ups and downs) but also a wonderful storyteller.
    * The descriptions of the places, the specific incidents, the characters involved in the story, and above all each and every interaction of the characters involved especially that of the Derg officials is so terrific. It looks like I am watching a movie. What an incredible memory and a talent for telling stories with every detail. I want to ask Tedi one question. Is she referring any note? I really want to share her view on storytelling. What an incredible woman!!!
    * If Wessenyelesh didn't write an account of her journey other than her narration at Reyot, I would suggest one. If I were Professor Haile Gerima, she would have been my focal point.
    * Tedi,…please think of having or publishing a CD at the end of the day.

    * You should be proud of bringing this into the light. Great Journalistic Piece.
    Long live Wessenyelesh !!!

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