1. Reason international community respect Eritrea self determination is because they know Eritrea have coastline and resources enough to become Africa's first self reliant country but thanks to our american friends and Somalia we have put shabia under UN sanctions so their youth and dream about self reliant nation will be destructed 👍🏾 TPLF got everything under control 🇪🇹✊🏾 Eritrea can't win we got more allies and friends in international community that is willing to help destablish Eritrea

  2. Ethiopia is forever long live TPLF fuck Eritrea fuck shabia fuck HGDEF fuck Isaias Afewerki you are all italian leftovers 🇪🇷🔫😎 someday we will take back Eritrea 🇪🇹💪🏾👈🏾

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