1. I love this music it is my favorite all time. I am trying to get get sheet music for my son to practice. I greatly appreciate if any body can help where to find the sheet. Thank you.

  2. "As you all know that Dawit is son of the legendary misician Frew Haillu"

    I was just about to ask. Thanks for answering. Frew was one of a kind. I listen to "Eyetegnu Neku" almost every day. Never get tired of that one

  3. Hi Judino,
    Though it is ,i think, late, this is the translation: " Better to get to Ambasel instead of being overwhelmed by nostalgia. And his saying has got two meanings:
    Ambasel is a place in north eastern ethiopia as well as an ethiopian musical beat both of which are used in his lyrics as gold and wax.
    So, the first meaning is " better to get to Ambasel (the place ) instead of living in nostalgia".
    The second is " to play the musical beat and song tittled Ambasel"to be relived of nostalga".That is why he streched himself to the flut to play Ambasel-the song.

    Dear Judino, Ambasel is one of the Yaredian muical beats that are the foundation of ethiopian music composed by the ancient church composer St.Yared. The four beats are : Ambasel, Tizeta, Anchi-hoye and Bati. 

    I hope i have given you some insight.Enjoy it.

  4. Dear Dawit, I don't need to tell you that you are a rising sun. God is gracious for he gave you to your fellow country men/women to be blessed by your talented music.When i listen this music, i said to myself that Merawi Sitot has got someone who followed his foot print and Ambassel also has got a talented chap that makes it transgress time once again in perpetuity.
    I wish you a successful future and long life.I also wish you to ripe the fruit of your hard work.

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