1. It’s about time for Amharas to organize, support each other and help themselves. Amharas have demonstrated loyalty and unwavering believe of their Ethiopianwinet. This firm commitment never sat well with TPLF greedy and divisive agenda. It took Amharas to realize that their commitment had put them as an obstacle to TPLF distract and loot agenda. Finally Amharas were targeted for systematical extinction through sterilization, abduction, extrajudicial killings, forceful eviction of their land, neighborhood and homes, subjects of homelessness and etc….
    Although it was a rude awakening and very late, Amharas must be organized, build trust and treat each other with respect in order to grow and become successful. If this had happened years before after the creation of “Melaw Amhara”organization…. the outcome of Amharas faith would have been so much different.