1. our millitary if incredabile we ethiopian are proud of them some tigrian people try to coup our prime but they cannot be succesful forever. we ethiopian always support and give our life for our country and prime minister becuase we are learning from our ancestor how can to defend our country. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA

  2. Folks don't be naive. This's all staged. It's all Hollywood orchestrated by no one but Abiy the actor himself and his hardcore anti Tigray advisers around him mainly from the Amhara elites who would do anything to frame TPLF. The Meskel Square bombing as well as the broad day killing of the main engineer of GERD project are all part of the same scheme merely to scapegoat TPLF.

  3. He probably did it himself trynna hide the truth what’s going on in the country peoples are getting killed and removed from their home ethiopia is now the second Iraq on the country sides they just show the good thing on tv CGTN gurum chala is hindering the truth and he is getting payed for it what a shame CGTN you made a reporter who works for the government

  4. No one could have described and explained our situation in Ethiopia like this guy did. Thank you for being an honest voice to us explaining everything as it is. We pray our that God keeps abiy and our people.