Ethiopia remains a dangerous tourist destination.


A group of tourists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia has been attacked and robbed at gunpoint in Ethiopia while traveling through the southern part of the East African country.

The stone-throwing attackers targeted a vehicle that the six tourists were driving in on November 7. The assailants shot and killed the group’s Ethiopian driver and tour guide before the robbery, Radio Prague reported.

The names of the Ethiopian driver and tour guide, who were allegedly killed in the robbery, have not been disclosed.

Irena Valentova, spokeswoman for the Czech Republic’s Foreign Ministry, who confirmed the incident, said that although the group was robbed at gunpoint, none of them suffered serious injuries. Although a Slovakian was reportedly injured, the cause and extent of the injury were not specified.

Czech authorities say its citizens who were part of the group robbed in Ethiopia have since arrived home safely. It is unclear if the Slovakian tourists are still in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian officials are yet to comment on the incident which comes amid a state of emergency following months of widespread anti-government protests. Human Rights Watch reports that over 500 people have lost lives and thousands have been incarcerated since the unrest began. However, Addis Ababa has not confirmed the number of causalities.

In October, before the government announced the imposition of the state of emergency, stone-throwing protesters murdered a US researcher after attacking the vehicle she was riding in.

Sharon Gray, a UC Davis postdoctoral researcher, died from injuries she sustained after being attacked with stones while traveling near Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

The protesters, who reportedly attacked the vehicle that Sharon Gray was traveling in, also threw rocks at other vehicles.

The unrest has pushed the United States to issue several travel warnings for Ethiopia, its East African ally.

The protests, which led to the six-month long state of emergency, started last year in the Oromia region over a botched government expansion scheme.