1. Hellon reyot , you are diong good job interms of explaining the greatness of ethiopia . However , you should invite weyane , ONG , and weyane supporters then we can start the real talk . To face reality and to question about everything is not a sin . Now we don't ahve time ethiopia is about to be sold to Arabs or Vatican , weyane and shaibya are just a bunch of hudlems ( druyewoch). you Reyot if you realy care about ethiopia stability this is the time to bring everyone including a person you passionatly hate such as aboy sibhat nega kind person ok . I know i am agressive and i don't bow down to any one bc i have a right just any ethiopian to participate to save ethiopia before ethiopia is giong for sale . Privatazation is not a pleasent news , i think Mr. Henok explain it yesterday in deep so this is the time to be strong to defend ethiopia and to bring back eritrea too let alone Badme .