1. It's too late now, the banks and government will place restrictions against these cryptocurrencies. You'll probably need a license in the future. Better to start selling before they rapidly drop in value.

  2. soll.. i got some problem when I was trying to register on bitcoin investment, is it working in Ethiopia? cause it was asking my phone number and when i enter my phone number it is like "the code does not match" help please!

  3. Bitcoin is a peer to peer decentralized system, there is no central authority unlike banks to control the transactions which is done by the miners/peers currently, there are already pitfalls in Bitcoin such as selfish mining which is already 25% attacking the bitcoin cryptocurrency network etc.Bitcoin won't long last, it's a volatile current point of discussion.Dear Solomon could explain about the blockchain more , I heard about Ethereum , is it the one one you are talking about or are there different types of blockchain ?. I am interested to write my master's thesis on this as I am specializing in in computer networking.

  4. አርኪ አቀራረብ ነው ሶል👍👍
    አንድ የጃፓን ካምፓኒ ወደ 40ቢሊየን ዶላር መክሰሩን ከ 5 አማት በፊት ሰምቼ ነበር ። እውነት ከሆነ አሁንስ ይህ አለመፈፀሙን ምን ዋስትና አለ ፐብሊክ ከመሆኑ ወጪ?

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