1. It is very scripted, meaning I do not think these kids know what they are talking about. Their accents of pronouncing words like Oromo, Weyane, and Amhara are very American, and this is coming from a 16 year old Ethiopian who was born and raised in America. I do not think they even know that much Amharic which is fine, but they were not raised properly by their parents about loving our Ethiopian culture and history. Their speaking is lackluster, and lacking any emotion whatsoever makes me think if they even really care about what is going on.
    I think these parents are just using them to get the point that Weyane is terrible and make us sympathize that kids know these things and grasp the concept of it. You should not just make your kids say stuff they do not understand. You have teach them the right way and educate them properly, so then they can fully grasp the God forsaken things that is going on in our country.
    Please not that I hate Weyane and may they be gone.

  2. I know its hard to leave the kids out of this mess and suffer from the depression alone. Please please please do not expose them to this kind of damaging info. Its too much for their innocent mind. Let us dwell on it on our own.

  3. Great job the future of our generation! Everyone right now, who's giving his/her life is to make the future brighter and flourish rule of law and equality! I'm a parent of children but I didn't raise them the way you're doing. So I'm guilty of that but too late to correct.
    Parents those of you who're raising children make them demanders of their rights! At least learn from my mistakes that's the only way to change our misguided system about which we're crying!
    God bless you our best small ones!!!
    God bless your clever parents!!!