Ethiopian Government forces ambushed by AG 7 fighters in the forest of Gonder


Abbay Media News
Shiberu Tamerat

Dozens of TPLF (Tigrean People Liberation Front) led Ethiopian government troops were ambushed on their way to a campaign dubbed “ridding” northern Ethiopia of Arbegnoch Ginbot Seven (AG7) fighters. Upset with the heavy loss sustained by its troops, on June 28, TPLF generals sent additional reinforcement units to Quara wereda (region) of Gonder (northern Ethiopia), near the desert of Altish. However, the fate of the reinforcement units was brutally similar to their predecessors from a few days ago.

TPLF generals are doing everything to maintain their lavish lifestyle, send their own kids abroad for education to the United States and Europe while sending poor kids off to war to die.

The struggle right now is between TPLF which is attempting to maintain the status quo of subjecting the people of Ethiopia to eternal enslavement, while the people are fighting to rid Ethiopia from the narrow-minded ethnic apartheid policy of TPLF. The rebels are calling on all the people of Ethiopia to join hands to expedite the downfall of the regime that is pitting one group of people against another.

As we speak, TPLF is sending more soldiers to the northern part of Ethiopia, while the local people are fighting alongside the rebels.