‘Ethiopianism’ is an Addiction – Mr. Lemma Megersa


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Mr. Lemma Megersa, President of Oromia Regional State, in his address during the forum held in Bahir Dar said “Ethiopianism is an addiction that no Ethiopian can get rid of”, it is reported.

Mr. Lemma, in his address at the forum, reiterated, he has come to the realization that every Ethiopian, wherever they may be, are starving of ‘Ethiopianism’.  It has become an avoidable phenomenon that has implanted itself in the minds and blood of every Ethiopian. He included, he has witnessed that fact today and is convinced the time to work together and solve Ethiopia’s problems holding hands together is now.

In addition, he included, huge sacrifices have been made for the survival of our beloved country Ethiopia. The sacrifices should and will continue until freedom and democracy are achieved in our country. It is time to forget the past and work together for a better future.

He said, “we are here in the Amhara region today because we have come to realize us, Oromos need you Amahars and you Amharas need us”. Our fate as citizens of this nation is inextricably intertwined. In the end, love always win. Ethiopia is geographically located in Eastern Africa. Ethiopians are keenly aware of the political turmoil in the region and the unnecessary loss of human lives. It is time that Ethiopia becomes a stabilizing factor in the region. In continuing, Mr. Megersa added, the youth should be that force of stability but the nation needs to create employment and empower the youth to become that factor.

The Amhara Regional Administration President, Mr. Gedu Andargachew, supported the idea of working in collaboration and unison. He said those who don’t understand ‘Ethiopianism’ which is the symbol of unity, togetherness, and respect are taking every opportunity available to divide the country. This emanates from lack of understanding and realization of the power of ‘Ethiopianism’.