Ethiopians in Europe held a protest in Geneva, Switzerland against the Ethiopian repressive regime


Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

Ethiopians living in Switzerland and nearby countries held a protest demanding the United Nations denounce the sufferings and human rights abuses of Ethiopians at the hands of the Ethiopian government.

These patriotic Ethiopians stood outside United Nations Bureau and  protested the indiscriminate killing of citizens by government soldiers and security forces in many parts of Ethiopia and the serious violations of freedom of movement and other basic human rights.

The protesters demanded regime change and for United Nations to stop supporting the government that is putting its people through so much economic misery, imprisonment, torture and mass killing.

The crowd chanted “We want freedom! We want peace! Down Down TPLF!” and praised the Qeerro, Fano and Zerma fighters for their heroic struggle and the sacrifices they make against heavily armed government soldiers and security forces. Qeerroo, Fano and Zerma are youth fighters respectively from Oromia and Amhara regions and Gurage ethnic group.

Abbay Media International live streamed the event from where it took place.