Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali, is sworn in today!



Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

Recommended by the ruling coalition party of Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and endorsed by the parliament, the recently elected chairman of EPRDF, Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali, is the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia as of Today, Monday April 2, 2018. The newly minted charismatic leader was sworn in today in the presence of members of parliament and on live television broadcast.

PM Dr Abiy delivered a speech that in someways was a departure from his predecessors. He acknowledged people’s right to petition their government, to peacefully assemble, protest and speak and to demand change. He accepted the failure of EPRDF led government to provide good governance and to uphold the rule of law. He urged the political opposition parties to be seen as competitors and not as antagonists as the Amharic word ‘teqawami’ (ተቃዋሚ) suggests.

The Prime Minister recognized the Ethiopian youth as the owner of the countries future and called the Ethiopian women to step up to the task and play a role commensurate with their census number. He recognized the diaspora for their love of country and invited them to come home, resolve our differences through dialogue and  participate in the country’s affairs. Dr Abiy addressed the Eritrean people as brothers and sisters and offered an olive branch to their government.

He also paid tribute to his deceased mother, who reminded him of “the Ethiopian mother” and thanked his wife for her support and inspiration.