Everyone is asking EPRDF to Relinquish Power


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Unexpected and powerful opposition has started in Metu and Ejersa cities. Public disobedience in Chancho and other Oromia cities around Addis Ababa is still raging. The public is taking its revenge for the murdered innocent youth.

Protesters refused to allow transportation to pass through their towns. Action has been taken on those who tried to force their way through. Among the action taken includes four government vehicles and one Waliya heavy beer transport truck burnt to crisp.

Oromia Special Force who was sent to control the crowed refused to take action on the protesters. Instead, they joined the mass and became part of the public disobedience. It is reported no force was taken to disrupt the peaceful march. Observers and political analysts believe Special Forces have learned their lessons from the atrocities committed in Somali region.