Executive Committee Member of ONLF Extradited to Ethiopia


Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) in a press release on Wednesday August 30, 2017 stated the Somali government handed over to the Ethiopian authorities a detained  Executive Committee member.

Mr Abdulkarim Sheik Muse resided in the capital Mogadishu for the past three years. He was detained by Somali security forces in a place known as Galkayo where he travelled to bring his ailing niece back to Mogadishu for urgent medical care.

The Somali government denied relatives of the detainee to visit him while giving false hopes he will be released soon. The entire family of Mr Abdulkarim Sheik Muse was murdered by the Ethiopian government security forces. Handing him over forcefully and without consent to Ethiopian authorities is in violation of the United Nation’s convention on Status of Refugees, read the press release.

The Somali government has forcefully repatriated a refugee to a country known for torture and gross violation of human rights in violation of the Somali constitution, added the ONLF press release.

ONLF accused the Mogadishu government for extraditing Mr Abdul Karim Sheik Muse in exchange for political favors from the authorities in Ethiopia. The liberation front stated that the President of Somalia Mohammed Abdullahi “Farmajo”, the Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre, the National Security Advisor General Bashir Mohammed Jamac-Goobe and the Head of NISA Abdullahi Mohamed Ali “have committed a national crime against the Somali nation” and warned the aforementioned trio to “bear the full political and moral consequences”.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front called upon the Somali people, the Somali parliament, the UNHCR, ICRC, HRW and all progressive peoples and organizations to condemn the heinous act perpetrated by the two neighboring governments and take appropriate action.

Andy’s family have desperately called for his release, saying they had been forced to spend three Christmases without him
Andy’s family have desperately called for his release, saying they had been forced to spend three Christmases without him

The current Ethiopian government has a history of abducting opposition political figures, journalists and critiques from neighboring countries like Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan and is widely known to have little or no regard to state sovereignty as well as international conventions. It does so often with tacit agreement of the sovereign government and by bribing the local authorities. But sometimes Ethiopian security agents snatch Ethiopian refugees in complete secrecy without the knowledge of local authorities.

On June 23, 2014 the Secretary of Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice Freedom and Democracy, Andargachew Tsige, was abducted in Sana’a International Airport of Yemen with the help Yemeni Security chief who allegedly was paid millions of US dollars. The Ethiopian government is said to have spent about 23 Million Birr on this single extradition.

Andargachew Tsige aka Andy was in Sanaa International Airport in transit to Eritrea where he commands a guerrilla force fighting against the regime in Addis Ababa. Andy, a British national and a resident of London, a married man and a father of three children is still held in unknown condition and in undisclosed location in one of Ethiopian detention centers.

The exact fate of Mr Abdulkarim Sheik Muse may not be known but can be predicted with reasonable certainty that it will not be different from that of his predecessors. Political detainees in Ethiopia are first taken to the notorious jail known as Ma-ekalawi where they undergo under a series of cruel interrogation techniques that include but not limited to physical and mental torture, electric shocks, housing in dark and subzero temperatures naked, pulling out teeth and nails, etc.

Human Rights Watch and other rights groups have released multiple reports documenting the atrocities committed on prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia while in government custody.