1. I've been fasting for over 20 years.People often think I'm in my 20's but I'm almost 50. I know that fasting has reversed my age. I started with juice fasting up to 40 days but I felt it was too much sugar. I transitioned to water fasting . I do one long fast annually in spring. At first I could only do 5 days then. 7 , 10 14 and now I'm well over 21 Days on water only. It's unbelievable and gets better with each longer fast. I have been able to resolve bladder infections, joint pain, wrinkles, sleep issues, sugar cravings, elimination, mental clarity and temperament. it give me a different vibration, people say I glow. I live and work in NYC a very hectic, polluted life. I fast while working full time and find I am more productive. I have found that I do well taking a little bit of apple cider vinegar in my water now and then with a pinch of Celtic or pink salt when I feel muscle fatigue. Sometimes I will take dandelion tea and herbs to kill candida and parasites during a long fast. I am a massage therapist and work on 5 to 8 people a day so I use a ton of energy and must make sure my electrolytes are balanced to retain my power at work. Classic water fasting heals. I have an inherited kidney disease and I believe I have turned off all the symptoms via water fasting. I am 5 days into a long fast now and I tend not to need as much sleep while I fast so I watch all the videos I can on fasting during my fast. I will break my fast with bone broth lamb and Chicken broth I make in the slow cooker. This is the best way for me to coat my digestive system and turn on elimination as raw fruits and veggies can be hard to digest after month long fasts. Getting into ketosis takes practice you need to ease into water fasting and train the body and brain to remain calm during your water .fast especially if you have a healing crisis. . My goal is to try and come off this fast and on to intermittent daily or weekly fasting pattern.Study and read and watch everything you can on fasting. There is a lot of information out there. Dr. Furman wrote the first physicians popular book on fasting and also Paul Bragg and there are many good websites and videos.True North Clinic in northern cal run by Dr. Goldhammer has been fasting people to health for 30 years so I don't know what this guy is talking about as far a no info. But Dr Fung wrote a good book that de mystifies the process and effects. The first few days are rough especially if you are a sugar or carb addict but if you make it day 3 and 4 you will be our of the woods and into nirvana if you fast long enough. Well wishes to anyone embarking on this miracle of self healing. I have to say one can't help but believe in God on a long fast as the intelligent design of the human body is revealed. We really need nothing in this material world and can nourish and gain our power from the power from within. Good luck to all on your iourney.

  2. Why don't doctors prescribe this as they must know it works? My doctor never spoke to me about this and put me on blood pressure tablets. Now I am off them! ££££££££££££

  3. So Informative,I am a Hindu,so I was trained to fast for religious reason, but now people are talking about this all over the world, amazing stuff,Thanks Kindly Doctor Fung!

  4. Thank u for this great insight Dr. Mercola and Dr. Fung and how wonderful is this to have doctors who are like a breath of fresh air and who actually care about the patient taking control of their own life! I follow Dr. Mercola and he is one of my mentors! Thank you both again and keep the good work up. God bless

  5. I am muslim. it's not unsafe to fast the mulim way for a healthy people. we fast from water, food and intercourse from sunrise to sunset. Sick people, ,children, pregnant some cases do not Fast.

  6. I am a 69 yo man, 6'3" and 235 lbs, evaluated by my healthcare provider as "well-deveoped and well-built", with a history of morbid obesity (up to 400 lbs) and yo-yo dieting using daily caloric restriction. IF has given me the ability to attain and maintain a healthy body weight without being hungry all the time. My BMR with no activity is about 2400 kCal per day. Three days a week I have butter in my coffee in the morning and a meal of about 600 kCal late afternoon or early evening. I track what I eat and control for my 7-day moving average of kCal depending on whether I want to lose weight or maintain it. For some reason my hunger seems to turn off on fast days and I enjoy eating to satiety on feeding days, keeping a relatively low carb regimen, more paleo than keto. I have excellent energy and work out using high intensity training methods 3 times a week. On other days I go for 10,000 steps and 1-2 sessions of qigong/tai chi. Important point: I ENJOY all this, which makes it sustainable. Thanks to Dr. Fung for his YouTube videos and first book, which gave me the guidance to find my way.

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