Foreign Relations Committees of US Congress Approved H.RES128 and SEN.RES168


Serious Sanctions on Ethiopia, N. Korea, Hezbollah and Others by the USA in the making

Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

The United States government is about to put serious and an all out sanctions on Ethiopian government and high officials. The legislation, when signed into law, will put the Ethiopian government on par with North Korea and  Hezbollah that are known to hold very hostile policy to the USA.

The resolution for “Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia” cleared the Foreign Relations Committees (FRC) of both chambers of the US legislative body: the House of Representative and of the senate. The Bill is now heading for the full house and senate votes.

The house version, named H.Res.128, passed the FRC by a big majority vote about seven weeks ago on 07/27/2017. This resolution is sponsored by congressman Christopher H. Smith of New Jersey representing district 4 of New Jersey. The senate version, called Sen.Res.168, was voted on by the members of Senate FRC. It is approved to go to the full senate for a final vote and is sponsored by Senator Benjamin L. Cardin of Maryland.

The resolution asks for immediate stop of Human rights violations, breach of democracy, imprisonment and extrajudicial killings. While the resolution targets countries and groups known for human rights violation that include Hezbollah, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, it is the first time ever the American government puts direct and firm pressure on Ethiopian government if and when the resolutions pass both houses of the US congress.

Turned into law, this legislative piece, will impose travel sanction to Ethiopian authorities and restrict financial transactions or freeze assets. The Ethiopian government’s response published in the local newspaper “Sendaq” two weeks ago, stated “ This draft legislation is America’s dictatorship and provocation” and labelled the cosponsors as “collaborators of the Eritrean government working to create terror and chaos in Ethiopia”.

The cosponsors that are asked to comment on Ethiopian government’s view of the bill said “Its manifestation of dictatorial government behaviors and does not surprise us”.

Dr Araya Amsalu, the coordinator of the Ethiopian Advocacy Network  and Ethio American Civic Council, on his part warned that a lot of preparations are being made to take the bill to the next stage and that Ethiopians should not slow down or slack but work even harder to the end.

The Ethio American Civic Council coordinator Deacon Yosef Teferi is planned to deliver a speech on this subject of the senate and house resolution at the Vision Ethiopia meeting to be held in Washington DC on September 23rd and 24th.