Found dead: A High Ranking Federal Police Commander in Bahirdar, Ethiopia


Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

Reports coming from Bahirdar provide information about the killing of a high ranking federal police commander whose body was found with marks of sharp cut wounds and placed near his residence in Bahirdar this past Tuesday evening, on November 22, 2017.

The deceased commander, known as Commander Desalegn Lijalem, was serving in his assigned North-West zone of the Amhara regional state. No one has claimed responsibility for the killing and authorities have not said anything at least until this news was published. The funeral service of the deceased commander is said to be held in his birth place of Tselemt.

In 2016 the residents of Bahirdar went on the streets in droves to protest against the government ethnic based policy of divide and rule, the breakdown of the rule of law, the violations of basic human rights, etc. The government forces met the protesters with brute force killing about hundred, wounding in hundreds and arresting in tens of thousands.

Tens of thousands of Amhara youth were taken afar to camps located in hostile climate areas. They were kept for months with little food and overcrowded spaces. The detainees were exposed to hard labor and harsh physical exercise only meant to breakdown the youth moral.

The people of Bahirdar are said to have held grudges on the commander as they have long suspected that Commander Desalegn Lijalem was one of the main orchestrators of the bloody crackdown in 2016. The Commander is a well known officer who made press releases on behalf of the law enforcement agencies during the protest and the aftermath.

Abbay Media News will continue to update on the details as more info comes in.

Updates: Wednesday 11/23/2017

According ESAT report the body of the deceased commander was taken to Felege Hiwot Hospital for autopsy. The autopsy showed wounds on the head that can only be caused by sharp objects. Marks of strangulation were also witnessed on his neck indicating the manner of death. His Body is reported to be on the way to his birth place for burial.