General Gebre, relieved from his duties in Somalia


Abbay Media News
Shiberu Tamerat

General Gebre, widely known by his nickname “the butcher general ” inside Somalia, who served as the head of the Ethiopian peacekeeping forces until recently, has been relieved of his duties at the request of the new president of Somalia.

President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo, known as “Farmajo”, the Italian word for cheese, because of his love of the food, a few days ago sent Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, to Addis Abeba to meet with officials from the Ethiopian government, to request the removal of General Gebre, who has served over ten years as the head of Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) in Somalia. Our sources indicate, the government of Ethiopia, complied with the request and removed the general from his position.

In December 2006, Ethiopian forces officially invaded Somalia to crush the Supreme Islamic Courts Council, which at the time Ethiopia accused of threatening it’s sovereignty. In 2008 at the end of the Bush term, Ethiopian forces withdrew from Kismayu, Moqedeshu and the vast majority of Somalia’s region and only remained in Baidoa, where General Gebre was the head of ENDF.

General Gebre was leading the military campaign against the insurgencies in the restive Somali regions and was widely known as the right-hand man of former Somalia’s president Hassan Sherif when the president was headquartered in Baidoa. General Gebre later accompanied President Sherif as he transitioned from Baidoa to Mogadishu.

Newly elected president of Somalia, Mohammed Abdullahi, has condemned Ethiopia’s interference in Somalia’s election, accused General Gebre and Ethiopia, of attempting to help former President Sharif win the election by spending millions of dollars to change the outcome of the election.

President Farmajo has kept his campaign time promise of removing over five thousand ENDF personal independently operating of AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) from Somalia.

According to our sources from Mogadishu, General Gebre, widely known in Mogadishu as “butcher”, is also known to have amassed a vast quantity of wealth.