1. Now I want the Minister of Communications, to take a big note. Because, if we are in space then Ghana should & must be the second country in Africa aside Libya to lunch it's first internet satellite in orbit where every Ghana can enjoy cheap and easily accessible Internet connection without allowing these eel skiing manipulative foreign internet companies in our country to continue taking Ghanaians for a ride when it come to Internet service.

    All the Ministry needs to do is to make it cheaper to broaden it's marketing base and subsequent increase case flow for it's Ministry and for Ghanaians because, I am all about my country. I want it to succeed. Madam, let this happen for Ghanaians. I would personally give u a big thumbs-up!! If u are able to seal this deal for Mother Ghana. Thanx.

  2. This is what am talking about!!!!!! With the right mind, discipline and attitude by all Ghanaians, we can build this country and even better. Because we do not want the former US president, Barack Obama to come back to Ghana and say to Ghanaians that, they are not poor, but have poor thinking. This clearly shows that, the opposite is the case considering this achievement.

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