1. Karzai an American Puppet is now taking a u-turn against his paymasters! Corrupt Karzai, is the one, who has left behind a tainted legacy of poverty /misery coupled with massive political corruption in Afghanistan. He squandered a golden oppurtunity to re -develop his country on an equitable and balanced note with billions that were poured into his country by the USA and the others.
    But he didnt!
    On top of that, robbed Kabui bank too… with his brother Mehmood Karzai, who was doing the dirty job for him.

  2. You can not stop a religious trible people ideology by invading and killing them. Pease and stability came only come from a people.
    All countries must kick out the Americans…..We are The Head of the axes of Evil?!?

  3. Each time somebody is smeared by jew media and US, you know he/she is on the good side and resisting. They smear Karzai in US media non stop. After this interview the reason is clear. Iran, hezbollah, Karzai… smeared by jew media. Opposite true like bin salman acting like crazy, US jew media call that "anti-corruption"!!! 😉 Blockade of Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon, arrested Lebanon PM and 200 people in 1 day. US media shhhhhut, silence. 600,000 childs with cholera starving in yemen under blockade, worse than Gaza. Shhhhut.

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