1. what a deal, lose 8 kilos know, gain 20 when you go back to your previous weight. and wtf 8 to 12 glasses of water?!?! you are only eating vegetables, vegetables are 90% water. people please, don't be stupid;work out, eat proper meals, and eat diverse. and if you want to lose weight; use the my fitness pal app (real good one) this is just crap

  2. It doesnt sound that healthy couse you need oil for your body to use the vitamine in e.g. carrots or other vegetables. And you can use good oil e.g. coconut oil or linseed oil. I guess what makes this diet in any way succesfull is that you get rid of the unhealthy stuff, but in my opinion this isnt the healthiest way.

  3. I'm 1.66 cm tall and weigh 70 kg. I want to reach about 60 (since I have a body type that doesn't allow me to go a lot lighter than that without ending up in the hospital).
    I'll start this on the first of April and continue for at least two weeks, so I'll update at the end of every week (it will be Saturdays).

  4. Hello.I really need your help so please reply .I want to know that can i drink coconut water replace to normal water ? Please reply sister ! I really need your reply.

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