A new report by the think tank Resolution Foundation has detailed a growing wage gap among ethnic groups in the UK.

It has found that Pakistani and Bangladeshi households are at the bottom of the list, earning a third less than that of a white British household.

The report says that while incomes for these minority groups have been growing, there is still a large gap between white households and ethnic groups.

So, what does it mean to be in the lowest income group? And how does the UK compare with other rich countries?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Farah Elahi – Researcher and Policy Analyst at Runnymede Trust.

Matthew Goodwin – Senior Fellow with the think tank, A Changing Europe.

François Gemenne – Research Fellow in Political Science at the University of Versailles.

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  1. The reason for the difference is obvious. Extended families living together with the older generation. Living costs per person are lower in family homes that have a larger family. It balances out. Nothing to do with inequality or ethnic groups doing low paid jobs. Have you seen how many Asians are dentists doctors and opticians all of whom earn high wages?

  2. Why are Indians doing much better than Pakistanis ? Their income is best amongst non-whites and just below whites. Same story in US. in US, they earn much better than whites. Indians work hard, study and absolutely no hate towards native country.

  3. America has a similar issue with wage gaps and Americans were laid off so that companies and corporations could hire foreigners at less pay…

    We have so many foreigners who will work for 10 USD an hour with no health insurance or benefits that our economy will never grow for the people…

    Yes, the foreigners have no work in their countries and live in third world environments that they bring to America…

    Our wage will grow so slowly that most people are not able to live alone and must share expenses with others…

  4. Cuz Pakistani and Indians works in take-aways and thats what they earn…And those who are out of Oxbridge will always hold highly paid jobs

  5. There's no such thing as an ethnic or gender wage gap. It's all related to education. Period . That's it. Just education.
    If you're coming from syria and have no education, why should you be paid the same?

  6. Lets talk about Indians? Why cant you talk about Indians? LOL
    Is it because we pulling in the mega bucks? Talk about Indians and our success
    Talk about working hard actually pays off.

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