French President Emmanuel Macron has brought the two main rival groups together for face-to-face talks.

The meeting in Paris is seen as a step towards reconciliation.

The latest attempt follows six years of conflict and chaos, since longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown by rebels supported by a French-led NATO air campaign.

Now, Libya has two power centres; the UN-backed government of National Accord headed by Fayyej al-Sarraj and the so-called

Libyan National Army. General Khalifa Haftar’s forces control a large part of eastern Libya and its oil fields.

How far will Emanuelle Macron succeed when several previous attempts have failed? Why is he mediating?

Presenter; Richelle Carey.

Guests: Toby Cadman – international criminal and human rights lawyer.

Michel Cousins – Editor-in-chief, Libyan Herald.

Mattia Toaldo – Libyan political affairs specialist, European Council on Foreign Relations.

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