1. AU will never be effective until they can relieve the Francophone Countries from French influence. France controls their actions not their people back home

  2. They have to remove corruption…They won't get much have much help from western African descendents because we are too arrogant and have too many issues in our own home to effectively help Africa…Africans should be more serious about their issues and deal with them wisely

  3. The African Union has been irrelevant since they sat back and watch Libya get invaded & Qaddafi killed. A man who want to free Africa from Western Powers.

  4. It is really sad that intellectuals like these are still finger pointing to the west as the cause of the problems. If we consider ourselves as capable beings like the rest of the world, I think we should it accept when we screw up and start standing up for ourselves. No body had the guts to mention the root cause of the instability in Africa in terms of peace and security, democracy and economy, that is, dictatorial governance in most of the countries. I personally don't consider AU as a legitimate and capable organization to come with sounding moves as long as dictators like Robert Mugabe, Museveni, Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir, Idriss Déby, Paul Kagame, Obiang Mbasogo, Paul Biya, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos and so many more are the ones attending the major meetings as legal personnels. I don't think we can fight cocaine having a meeting with Pablo Escobar and El Chapo. Actually the later one might be possible compared to what AU is trying to achieve.

  5. To improve the AU posture

    1) Bring in African Americans and African Brits and Afro Canadians via a new AU passport and citizenship program.
    2) Bring in Caribbean nations into the AU such as Jamaica, Grenada and Haiti for expansion
    3) Create a new AU Bonds to boost economic stability and encourage investments from blacks from abroad.

    These are basic, but critical for boosting the clout of the AU on the global stage.

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