1. Ethiopians, my people please, stop this! Stop trying to be like everybody else. The reason why the world is beautiful is due to the diversity that exists on our planet. But, if we all become uniformed it's boring. I'm seeing this with Indian music too. They have abandoned their culture and now their music is westernized. They are all shaking their ass, wearing western clothes, using pop music, dancing pop dance. Pathetic!

    When i come to watch Ethiopian music it's because i want to take a break from western music. I don't want it following me around everywhere! Nothing about this video is Ethiopian, NOTHING! Skinny Jeans, hats worn backwards, rapping, dabbing, terrible camera work, embarrassing dance, etc. Our video's are becoming famous because people want to see something different. But, if you're going to serve them none Ethiopian music then they might as well watch American videos. Horrible!

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