Journalist Bruck Endale Quit Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation After It Refused to Air Teddy Afro’s Interview


Abbay Media News
Samuel Tafesse

Bruck Endale, who was an EBC (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) journalist, quit his job after his highly anticipated interview with Teddy Afro was not televised. Bruck stated that the broadcasting companies’ refusal to air his interview with the legendary artist went against the principles of journalism, so it would be a disservice to him and his profession to continue to work at EBC.

EBC is government owned media organization that has been the mouthpiece of the Ethiopian regime. The government often uses it to engage in a deliberate campaign of character assassination of  opposition party members as well as to propagate the false narrative of “high economic growth.”

The well-being of  Bruck is precarious. According to The Committee to Protect Journalists,  the Ethiopian government is infamous for being one of the worst jailers of journalists. Numerous journalists, some who are award winning, are languishing in jail, including Temesgen Desalegn– who is serving a three-year sentence in an unknown location.